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Our National Committee

What we do

The National Committee of the GCC consists of Alumini based group. Our main purpose is to select suitable representatives from GCC to attend UWCs in the various countries. 

The National Committee aims to raise awareness of the United World Colleges in the countries we represent in the GCC, to ensure wide spectrum of applicants from all backgrounds.

The National Committee acts a link for UWC graduates of any nationality living in within the GCC. It is an information source for anybody in the UWC community wishing to get involved in UWC-related activities, such as expanding the knowlegde of UWC through various Alumini events or UWC selections !


Our Mission

The National Committee of the GCC is responsible for selecting students aged 16 to 18 from Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE to attend UWC Schools and Colleges around the world. 

We also support these students while at their colleges, and raise awareness of UWC in the GCC.


Our National Committee consists of an all Alumni team.

  • Mrs.Nilofer Khorakiwala  — Chair  MUWCI (00'-02') 
  • Mr.Nabeel Ali — Committee Secretary RCN UWC (00 - 02)
  • Dr.Jigna Sampat — Alumni Coordinator RCN UWC (96 -98)
  • Ms.Seren Keskin  —  Selections Coordinator UWC COSTA RICA (11 - 13)
  • Dr.Fiona Kidd  —  School Liaison Officer UWC Waterford Kamhlaba
  • Ms.Faten AlMukhtar  —  Marketing Coordinator UWC-USA (11 -13)