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Eligibility Criteria

UWC students are defined by their ambition and ability to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.  They are united in a commitment to positive social action to build a more equitable and fairer world.

Although strong academic achievement is valued highly, our ethos compels us to think more broadly about the knowledge and skills that will shape our students as whole people. 

The following characteristics are typical in the students from the GCC we nominate to UWC Colleges:

  • A passion for service
  • Commitment to academic achievement
  • Curiosity to explore other cultures and languages
  • Determination to embrace change
  • Potential for leadership

UWC schools and colleges are located in 16 countries and follow one of three models:

  • Schools for students across a wide age range, providing students of all ages with the opportunity to gain a UWC education
  • Two year pre-university colleges teaching the IB Diploma to students typically aged between 15-18 years
  • Three year programmes that include a one year Pre-DP Programme comprising a number of separate but connected strands which provide the essential building blocks required by students for successful entry to the IB Diploma Programme