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Information for Parents

Welcome families!

Whether you are the parent of a current student, the parent of a prospective student, or a sibling, we invite you to participate in the UWC experience. UWC’s emphasis on global peace and sustainability are relevant for all, and we always seek ways to engage members of our community in the UWC dialogue.

When children become a part of UWC, so do their parents and siblings. It’s a life-long relationship built on a shared understanding of the significance of the school’s mission and the impact a UWC graduate can make in the world.

That doesn’t make it any easier to let them go! For many parents, the thought of sending their child far away for school can be a daunting one. Will he or she be safe? Will he or she eat right? Will my child commit to his or her studies? Indeed, generations of UWC parents have asked these questions.