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Selection Process

Before you apply

Please make sure you find out as much as possible about UWC before going ahead with your application. It is important that you understand the aims of the organisation and the commitment involved in the programmes that are offered.


To apply through the GCC National Committee for entry in a UWC college or school, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be aged 16, 17 or 18 on the 1st of September of the current application year and be studying in grade 10 or 11*  
  2. Have formal residency status in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE and/or be a citizen of one of these countries
  3. Currently be enrolled in a secondary school in one of the above countries

While there is no maximum age limit, the IB programme is essentially a two year pre-university programme similar to study in a sixth form college (UK) or Year 11/12, and therefore students who have already completed their studies at this level will not be eligible. However, students who will only have completed the first year of A levels, or equivalent study, by 1stSeptember (current application year) may apply on the basis that, if they are successful, they will undertake the full two years of the IB programme.


Once the application process closes, the Selection Committee will review all the applications received against the UWC criteria and draw up a shortlist of potential candidates.  We may also conduct preliminary interviews virtually, e.g. using Skype, as part of the short-listing process to help clarify information in the application.

Candidates who are shortlisted will be invited to attend a selection event in person.  This will be of between half to one full day and may, on occasions, fall over two consecutive days, this year we may opt for online Selections.  Selection days usually consist of individual interviews, group activities and opportunities for parents and students to get to know UWC better. 

Note: If you are an Omani national or resident in Oman then your application will be processed by the Oman National Committee. Please submit your application directly to

As we incorporate a range of assessment activities into our selection process, students in locations where there are few applicants may be required to travel to a selection event in another GCC country, at their own cost. 

Once final selections are made by the GCC National Committee (NC), successful candidates will be contacted and made a provisional offer by the NC.  On acceptance of this provisional offer, the NC will then complete a formal nomination to the Head of the UWC school/college for the place to be taken by the proposed student.  It is then up to the Head to accept/decline the nomination.  When written acceptance of the nomination is received from the Head, the nominated candidate will then be required to complete the formal enrolment process with the school/college.